Dr. Nixon

Nonlinear Waves, Optics, Asymptotic Analysis


Overthinking It

I have several guest articles published on OverthinkingIt, a website that  "subjects the popular culture to a level of scrutiny it probably doesn't deserve." These articles use examples from popular culture to illustrate ideas from mathematics and show how an understanding of mathematics can enhance our understanding of pop culture.


The Eurovision Voting Examiner

Where beautiful music meets beautiful data.


Are Eurovision Voting Patterns the Result of Geopolitics or Randomness?

We crunch the numbers to explore the part of Eurovision that everyone cares about the most: the voting!


The Rick-est Rick, the Multiverse, and p-Hacking

Is Rick C-137 really the Rick-est Rick in the multiverse? Let’s find out using science!


Modeling Politics in Marvel’s Civil War

How political modeling can help understand the conflict in Captain America: Civil War – and how Civil War can help us understand politics.


Fractal Characterization in Inside Out

Writing a well rounded character is a lot like measuring the coast of Britain, or at least, that’s what Pixar’s Inside Out seems to be telling us.


Is Doctor Who Science Fiction or Fantasy?

Can quantum mechanics help us answer the age-old question about whether the Doctor is primarily a space adventurer or a wizard?


A Meta-Game Theory of Thrones

Can game theory help to explain who wins and who dies in Game of Thrones?







Why short-term failure might be the key to long-term survival in Game of Thrones.